Quality Podiatry Group was established over 20 years ago to ensure that long-term care residents receive consistent supportive podiatry services. We understand that quality care translates into quality of life and appropriate podiatric service programs will often produce dramatic effects.

Quality of Care
In the aging patient, changes that compromise mobility often occur in the feet. When this develops, it is our job to identify the condition, provide treatment and maintain a healthy foot with preventative measures. We not only treat the patient, but also educate both the patient and family; we make sure that nurses are familiar with any particular condition, it’s prevention and successful treatment options.

Medicare Compliance
Quality Podiatry Group is committed to excellence. We have a reputation of high quality care and make every attempt to constantly review guidelines and methodologies that may enhance our services. Our Medicare compliance officer governs our quality assurance program and follows all OSHA and OBRA guidelines.

Quality of Life
When the quality of life decreases as a result of disease, disability, or age those precious aspects of dignity must be restored to the highest level possible by a caring staff, family and friends. Because walking is a catalyst for life, podiatric care can help restore some of the lost dignity. Immobility can be replaced with activity. Isolation can be replaced by interaction. A strong sense of personal identity and independence can be rekindled. Quality Podiatry Group, Ltd., believes that every long-term care resident is deserving of respect, support and continued quality of life.

Dr. Sidney Weiser would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you at your convenience. Please contact our office at 312-225-2444.