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Quality Podiatry Group

Founded in 1991, Quality Podiatry Group has been providing highly professional, comprehensive yet personalized onsite podiatric services to residents in long-term care facilities in Illinois. In 2009, we added Quality Podiatry Group of Florida to include residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Florida as well.

What We Believe

We believe resident care should be individualized even in a long-term care setting. Our residents are our first priority and our goal is to provide them with the highest, most professional level of podiatric care with dignity, compassion and a heavy dose of TLC. The resident services we offer extend beyond podiatric nailcare services and include a full array of comprehensive services including debridement of mycotic and dystrophic toenails, treatment of callouses, corns and ingrown toenails, treatment of ulcerations, abscesses and subungual hematomas, treatment of infections and fittings for Medicare-approved diabetic shoes and inserts. This comprehensive approach provides coordinated care for the resident and limits the transportation hassles for the facility.

We Value Our Relationships

We value our relationships with the administrative and nursing staff and try to go above and beyond in working with their schedules. Accommodating requests for emergency care within 24-48 hours and providing our facilities with our cell numbers and email addresses for both regular and urgent communications are just some of the services we offer. We also offer in person or online in-service education to nursing staff to help promote proactive podiatric care. 

We have a strong professional reputation. Our podiatrists are licensed and well-trained; more than 50% of our professional healthcare staff have been part of the Quality Podiatry Group for more than 10 years. After each visit, the doctor documents the service provided through our EMR system and transferred to the facility through a secured VPN for you to access or print out. Though we are large enough to provide extensive services in both states, we are still small enough to personalize the services to each facility.

Our Passion

At Quality Podiatry Group, comprehensive, personalized, highly professional podiatric care is not a promise…it’s our passion. We care. We respond. We go above and beyond the call of duty to individualize the patient experience and ultimately serve as the podiatric provider of choice for long term care facilities in Illinois and Florida.

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